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The reality of life is that at one time or another, you would have a medical emergency that calls for immediate and urgent response. It could be bariatric-the branch of medicine that deals with establishing the cause and treating obesity; fertility problem, cosmetic surgery among others. These medical operations do not come cheap. They are expensive to finance since most insurance companies do not cover some of them.

At such instances, you would want to find a medical loan company that understands your needs for money to finance your medical procedure. Our medical loan is available to fill in the gap left by many companies in financing of medical care. There are several reasons why this is so:

  • We are aware that medical financing for some medical procedures is expensive. We therefore step in to make it affordable to you through flexible monthly payments low interest rates.

  • We know that quick approval makes all the difference. We review your application for medical loan and within seconds approve or reject your medical loan

  • We value communication between us and our clients. We therefore offer free evaluation for your problem. We have a toll free number to ensure that you are able to reach us anytime and get the assistance that you need.

  • Having been in the profession for decades, we have exposure to many dentists, surgeons and other medical professionals so that it becomes easy for us to match your application with the best deals in the market.

  • Medical procedures are a necessity and cannot wait for long; we arrange for quick 100% online application procedures so that you can apply and get the medical loan that you need at the shortest time possible.

  • There are companies that will penalize you for your early payments. We understand our clients better and would not penalize them for early payments.

  • We are aware that you need certain amount for your procedure. We therefore minimum and maximum amounts that will adequately cater for your medical needs.

  • Our online medical loan process is safe, secure and confidential. We uphold the confidentiality of the transaction and would therefore not divulge the details of the clients. Our site is secure from fraud or scam.

Application for medical loan

Once you decide you want, simply visit our website and fill in the medical loan application form. There are details that you will be asked to provide personal and loan details before submitting the form. Some of the information that you will be prompted to provide include:

  • Personal information  such as name, age and date of birth

  • The amount of medical loan requested

  • Employer information

  • Credit report

Once this information is completed, you will click the ‘submit’ button. There is an option that will enable you to track the progress of your application.

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Review and approval

Once we receive your application, we will review it and approve or reject it. We encourage people with bad credit history as well as those with low-incomes to apply. We do not discriminate these groups of people because helping people in need of medical loans is our business. Within seconds of your application, you will know your status. We have the fastest approvals for medical loan application so that you save on time and as money.

Once we approve your medical loan application, you will have your medical loan wired into your account. We match your application with the specific doctor who handles your medical problem and negotiate the best interest rates so that you are able to make monthly payments at affordable rates. Talk to us for more information.

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